Dance Camera Istanbul is an international Dance Film & Dance Photography Festival while ”Seeing Dance Through the Lens” and founded by a group of independent artists and art explorers who are building a greater awareness of multicultural art forms in connection with the field of dance.

The “Dance Camera Istanbul” team aims to share establish artists’ works and encourage emerging artists who are focused on and interested in the artistic and experimental dimension of making dance for the camera. Our main goal is to support and provide collaboration opportunities to filmmakers, dancers, choreographers, photographers, musicians and dance and digital technology explorers.

Our growing philosophy is to create a free space without borders and an artistic environment for sharing, giving, receiving, experiencing and creating through the different perspectives, backgrounds and focuses on making art. We are anticipating in sharing the joy of these creations and presentations of this art form. With this motivation and enthusiasm we seek to include new innovative forms to our young festival as it constantly evolves to include new beginnings and adventures...